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The Partyman Company who are based in Basildon Essex have placed a bid to purchase the Empire Theatre in Southend. They plan to return it to a fully functioning venue full of Arts, Entertainment, Play and Education. The site will be called Partyman World of Play Southend and would also have a Partyman Theatre promoting the Arts to young people in Essex and beyond!

The young, eccentric entrepreneur behind the bid is James Sinclair aka Jimbo the Partyman, who is the founder of the Partyman Company and brand who has a real love of Arts and Entertainment. James started his career as a DJ running his business in his Nan’s spare room at the age of 15 years and has in his 11 years of business worked hard to ensure that Partyman is the very successful business and brand that it is today. During the years, James has continued to be the on-hand businessman that his team love and also still goes out each weekend as Jimbo the Partyman entertaining hundreds if not thousands of...

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