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Photo opportunity for journalists:
Seminar @ Barnett Hill GU5 0RF, Saturday 22nd February 2014 10:00 to 15:00
Cost £55 per person including Buffet Lunch with Tea and Coffee Breaks

You can change at any age; you just have to know how too. Alla Davies presents a strictly women only seminar at the elegant Barnett Hill in Guildford. This seminar gives you not only insight into why we all too easily quit and accept our shape. But teaches you the scientific tricks of how to change your mind, change your body, and change the way you feel about yourself and what you can achieve when you hit the big 4 OH!

Do we (women) really give up at 40 and just learn to live with what we’ve got and admit it’s already to late to change, is it because we don’t know how to change, we’ve...

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