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Anandi The Sleep Guru

On Sunday March 26 2017, the clocks are due to spring forward and evenings will last longer, but did you know this can lead to sleep deprivation? Clocks moving forward one hour means it’s lighter at the times when we go to sleep.

After 15 years of trying to tackle her insomnia, Anandi The Sleep Guru found a natural health therapy called Ayurveda. Anandi believes that sleeping tablets mask the problem and cause insomnia to manifest into something worse. Using the Ayurvedic principles, Anandi created her ‘Personal Sleep Review’ to help others conquer their insomnia.

The Sleep Guru believes that if you are a sensitive sleeper, going to bed half an hour earlier and starting the week with minimal social engagement will help with sleep deprivation. Anandi explains, “Light affects your sleeping pattern...

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