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Sleep Guru Anandi

What have Madonna, George Clooney, Martha Stewart and Tom Ford all got in common? They are all famous insomniacs.

Ayurvedic Sleep Consultant Anandi said, “I believe insomnia is caused by an imbalanced lifestyle and cured by a balanced lifestyle”. It was only after discovering the truly holistic approach of Ayurveda and using the breath as a healing tool that she overcame her insomnia nightmare.

Lack of sleep affects the whole of your life. Researchers have shown that poor sleep patterns can impair memory and shrink the brain. Many scientists believe that irregular sleeping patterns lead to an array of illnesses from heart disease to cancer. Being an ex-insomniac of 15 years herself, Anandi knows what not being able to sleep feels like. “I felt foggy-headed and ill all the time, but I just did not...

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