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Antique Furniture London

With all the signs pointing toward a lift in the property market and the return of people looking to upsize, one forward thinking antiques dealer is predicting that the next few years could see a boom in the antique bookcases London market.

It’s the sort of news that could be music to the ears of many people including those looking to sell property and estate agents, and Kent based LT Antiques is confident that this new wave of optimism could see a whole new spiral of interest in antique furniture, something that the company has vast experience of with the family business now in its second generation in the industry.

‘With everyone predicting great things for the property market, we feel that many people will be looking to bring a little bit of character into their new homes, and when you need character, antiques are really the best possible option that there is’, explained an LT Antiques spokesperson. ‘Maybe not for the first time buyers out there,...

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