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Engraved In My Heart Bridal Collection

Award winning jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan releases new bridal collection made with the world’s most ethical gold.

Lebrusan’s exclusive new collection of wedding rings, engagement rings and earrings are made from Fairmined Ecological Gold. The first collection of its kind available to the UK market. The reason this gold is the most ethical in the world is that no toxic chemicals are used to extract it from our precious Earth.

Lebrusan comments, “I believe that we can use the beautiful materials that come from the Earth, without harming our blue planet. I believe that by asking questions, simplifying supply chains and sharing knowledge, we can achieve this. "I have always dreamed of using gold that has been extracted from the Earth without chemicals, so I am extremely excited to be able to do this now.”

Entitled ‘Engraved In My...

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