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The Easter bank holiday break is notoriously busy for DIY with more people undertaking home and garden improvements during this weekend than any other. With many GP surgeries closed for 4 days, the industry specialists at BC Profiles have offered their guidance for staying safe this weekend.

Many people up and down the country will no doubt be intending to take advantage of the 4 day holiday and pleasant weather by reaching for the toolbox this weekend. Such is the expected uptake that a major NHS health campaign has been launched entitled Be Ready for Easter. Sheena Wright, Executive Director of Nursing and Care at NHS 24 warns that “every Easter we see an increase in calls resulting from DIY accidents, and we would encourage people to be prepared before they open the tool box or garden shed.”

In fact, according to figures released by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, over 200,000 people turn up at casualty each year due to DIY...

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