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Bespoke Banter Vlogging Panel

Storm Model Management and joined forces on Friday 26th July to host a breakfast panel discussion on the subject of vlogging, with special guest appearance from Estée Lalonde, otherwise known as international vlogger E​ssie Button.

An audience of over 100 decision makers from the top tier of beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands and agencies turned out to hear Estée and the panel of content experts discuss the future of brands in vlogging.

The morning started with an interview with Estée, in which she shared her experience of integrating branded content into her vlog, with host Scott Wimsett.

Estée​ Commented, "Working with brands is now something I do regularly, but to begin with I was against the idea. I was pitched ideas and I thought this isn't what I do and I knew my viewers would hate it. But then I thought, you know what, I need to eat, so I...

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