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Boston Fenway Server

Boston Limited is pleased to announce the Global Launch of AMD EPYC™ - ready servers at ISC Frankfurt 2017 - The widest range of AMD EPYC™ – Ready Servers, available today!

The hotly anticipated release of AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors is set to shake up the marketplace with a totally new high-performance x86 core design, originally codenamed Zen. With a range delivering 16-32 cores and with two threads per core, enabling 32 to 64 threads per processor and 128 PCIe 3.0 lanes per socket, industry experts are paying attention to AMD once again.

Boston’s AMD EPYC™ server series, built on Supermicro® building blocks, has the fastest memory available. AMD have adopted the SoC (system on a chip) approach, meaning a separate chipset component is not required for general purpose IO, meaning saving on overall energy consumption reducing component footprint on the motherboard and ultimately a saving in cost.

Boston exhibited a server their NDA...

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