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East End Cumin 100g

East End Foods are proud sponsors of Asian Restaurateur for 2017, as part of their commitment to supporting the catering industry!

Where do you purchase the spices you use in your restaurant? As we all know ingredients that lack a consistent flavour can lead to essentially spoiling a dish. Quality should therefore be at the top of our priority to ensure that we are continuing to satisfy cooks. East End Foods are well known for their consistency, which is synonymous with the quality they demand. As the leading suppliers of Asian food in the UK and European market for nearly four decades, East End Foods are proud of their product quality and traceability. The company has grown to become one of the largest importers of ethnic foods in the UK, carrying with it the reputation of being a trusted supplier of the highest quality products, there ranges are stocked in supermarkets across the UK plus more than 70% of Asian owned independent retail food stores throughout the UK....

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