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Sculpted desk and chair, by Martin Rice

Martin Rice made the leap that many creative business people caught in a rat-race can only dream about. He left behind the world of cutting-edge innovative software and decided to follow his faithful calling – as an artistic sculptor, working from a studio high up on the Pennines creating unusual yet functional sculptures.

He loves working with uniquely sustainable and often recycled industrial materials to create a new art form that is beautiful, striking, and exciting genre of functional furniture, interiors, and landscaping designs.

Martin's work often reflects his three-dimensional aesthetic imaginations in which he strives to crisscross the artifact’s functional considerations with human emotions.

“All my life I have imagined forms. Everywhere I go, I see shapes in nature that inspires the imaginary work I am creating in my mind", says Martin "Materials have always fascinated me. I always felt tremendous joy when I uncover the...

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