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a relaxing bath helps us unwind

The myth of the ‘relaxing bath’ – Brits no longer have time to relax and unwind

• New survey reveals that the ‘relaxing bath’ is a myth
• Only 4% of Britons take long and luxurious baths.
• 79% of people in the UK prefer functional and efficient showers
• 61% of Brits keep the same bathing habits 7 days/week

A national survey conducted by Faith in Nature reveals that only 4% of us find time to luxuriate in a relaxing bath, revealing that the ‘relaxing bath’ is just a myth.

Indeed, the term ‘I’m off to soak in the bath’ heard so often is most likely to be a figment of the person’s imagination. They are far more likely to go home to browse Facebook or watch an episode of Poldark on catch up.

Backed up by Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool and lead educator of the course on the FutureLearn social learning platform: 'Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature...

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