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Hygge Rug

Created by the Danes, hygge, pronounced (‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’), comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being”. It is quintessentially Danish and means the art of cherishing oneself, and others. It’s broader than just having a good time and being cosy, it’s a mind-set and a way of life. And it’s heading to a town near you!

One online retailer, The Rug Seller, is reporting a surge in sales of fluffy, cosy rugs in warming colours and believes that the UK is embracing the concept by creating warm and snug home environments as we enter the autumn.

During September, sales of deep pile rugs increased by 300% and demand for red and orange rugs went up by 82%.

The Danes create hygge in their lives in many ways. They believe that your overall happiness can be improved by making small changes to your everyday living space.

Speaking about the trend, Daniel Prendergast of The Rug Seller said, “Despite not having a direct...

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