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A report by Sky News reveals how an artist has written software to convert the website’s 11.5 million entries into a print-friendly format. The printed version could be bought for £314,000 and Cambrian Printers have commented on the news.

Michael Mandiberg has updated various Wikipedia pages with approximately 2,000 updates solely from himself. The entire 11GB file will be uploaded to print on which is expected to take a fortnight. Once this is done the collection will be available to purchase.

The final edition is thought to cover 7,600 volumes with the contents section covering 91 of these. Mr Mandiberg said: "When I started, I wondered 'what if I took this new thing and made it into that old thing'." vice president Dan Dillon told The New York Times: "It's not every day someone comes to you and says, 'I'd like to make a printed inventory of the largest storehouse of human knowledge in English, and would like to use...

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