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Growing number of people opt for similar, low-key farewell in the year after his death

It’s now one year since the sudden death of pop superstar Prince rocked the world. On stage he was arguably one of the biggest, most flamboyant stars of our lifetime. But off-stage he shied away from the spotlight, avoiding celebrity parties and giving interviews only on rare occasions. So it perhaps came as no surprise that before his sudden death on April 21st 2016 he stated to family and friends he didn’t want a big send-off, but a low-key service which would allow him to ‘die with dignity’.

In short, he wanted his passing to be a continuation of the way he lived his life.

Pure Cremation, the UK’s only dedicated provider of direct cremation, has recorded soaring demand for its services in the wake of Prince’s death with the vast majority of customers seeking its services for...

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