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One of the world’s top websites specialising in grief and bereavement has ranked funerals as one of the top ten causes of family conflict in the event of a death of a loved one –– ahead of custody of dependents and family relocations., has listed funerals as the seventh most common cause of dispute - ranking highly amongst other emotive issues such as money, how belongings should be divided, and decisions over end-of-life care.

Sources of disagreement range from should your loved one be buried or cremated? Where should the service be held? Where should their final resting place be? And who should and shouldn’t come to the funeral? These are just some of the issues that can result in an argument between grieving relatives of the deceased.

And with usually only one or two weeks to sort out the details decided and put the funeral plans in place it doesn’t leave much time for families with different ideas to reach a...

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