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Visual Selling in 2015

But too many are under-playing this vital element.

Comment from Phill Reynolds, Managing Director of Cestrian

“There’s no doubt that omnichannel – after years of discussion – is now up and running in UK retail.
Pioneers have embraced the concept and we’re already seeing incredible examples of creative thinking and investment in new technologies.

For the forward thinking retailer, with visionary boards and access to extensive budgets, it’s an exciting time.
But for a silent majority, for whom the continual pressures of low budgets, decreasing footfall and tightening resources are the day-to-day reality, these examples set the bar very high – and are understandably unnerving.

Yet too many still consider omnichannel to be a digital challenge – and in this regard, a competitive threat. But this misses the fundamental truth of the concept; that it should encompass every channel – and that means connecting with...

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