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March 5th 2009

IRIS Today announced that figures released by HMRC show that returns filed online using IRIS tax software amounted to an incredible 1.745m in the run up to the January 31st 2009 deadline.

Rising to the challenge of Lord Carter, for a connected online Government, by 2012, UK Accountants and Citizens filed a total of 5,759,006 returns online according to HMRC. IRIS’ share – which includes IRIS, PTP and Drummohr - stands at just over 46% of all returns submitted using third party software. 1.745m returns were filed using IRIS software, as opposed to 1.98m with all other software combined. Some 1.68m were filed online directly with HMRC.

IRIS customers have always been at the forefront of electronic filing. Paul Aplin, Chairman of the ICAEW Tax Faculty and a partner at the west country firm, A. C. Mole made history using IRIS to officially file the...

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