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Codeplay Continues to Bring Advanced Compute Solutions into Multi-Processor Products

Codeplay Software today announced ComputeCpp, an easy-to-use standards-based product for lowering the power consumption and increasing the performance of C++ software. The first commercial release of ComputeCpp will support SYCL™ for OpenCL™, the open-standard C++ programming model from The Khronos Group. SYCL allows C++ application developers to write high-performance modern C++ and deploy it to multiple processor cores without hardware-specific rewrites or optimizations.

Today’s systems-on-chip (SoCs) in smartphones and computers have multiple processors of different flavors. A typical mobile processor today has multiple versions of CPUs, multi-core GPUs and an array of other processors including DSPs, VPUs and vision processors/co-processors. OpenCL is already established as the standard for software programmers to accelerate their software on SoCs, but this still...

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