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DMX Digital Media have released the first ever spoken Geordie dictionary; ‘Alreet’. This dictionary is part of the ‘Alreet Geordie School’ app, which helps individuals with everything from understanding the dialect to locating the best restaurants to finding accommodation in the area.

‘Alreet Geordie School’ is the creation of Guilherme Afonso. When he moved to Newcastle he struggled to understand the accent and found that there was little aid on offer. The books available failed to provide enough help in the form of pronunciation and phonetics. He realised that he was not alone in this struggle as many tourists and newcomers to the area expressed the same problem. From the use of words such as ‘pet’ and ‘why aye’ to the confusion between lunch, tea and dinner (dinner is lunch in Newcastle and tea is dinner) – individuals remarked that coming to terms with Geordie was a lot more difficult than anticipated. Thus, this app was born; making it much easier for those...

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