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Press Release

1 Dec 05

For Immediate Release

Innovative and Graphic Way to Monitor Emerging News on Bird Flu

An innovative and graphic way to monitor emerging news on Bird Flu (avian flu) has been announced today by medical news specialists Medical News Today, and information consultants Daden Consulting.

The service enables the bird flu stories from Medical News Today's existing Flu, Bird Flu and SARS RSS News Feed to be plotted onto a map of the world by Daden Consulting's NewsGlobe software. The maps can be either Google Maps - a zoomable 2D map of the world embedded in a web page, or Google Earth - a browsable 3D world globe built from spy satellite imagery which runs as a separate application.

The maps are able to indicate which countries are currently involved in Flu stories, and how many stories there are for each country. Markers are colour coded to show whether the news is general, a...

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