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Britons arriving at their holiday destination are finding it difficult to hire a vehicle following changes by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). A spokesperson for Drive Car Hire, who rent out vehicles in England, has released a statement regarding the confusion for holidaymakers.

The DVLA have decided to stop holding driver’s details on a sheet of paper, with information such as traffic offences being made available to view online on their database or by phone or post.

This change will be implemented on June 8 meaning that holidaymakers travelling overseas will have to log in on the DVLA website the day before they start their trip abroad. They will get a special code to show their drive car hire company when arriving to rent a vehicle.

There are fears this will lead to confusion due to a lack of public awareness about the change. At least this is the view of Mark Bower, managing director of the car hire insurance website...

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