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7 Secrets to Licence Checks

Today Driving Monitor have released the next generation in driving licence verification services to the UK market. The new real-time checking service now allows fleet managers and business owners instant access to the DVLA licence data on their employees.

Kevin Curtis, Managing Director of Driving Monitor commented, “This is another great leap forward in our technical platform now allowing employers to verify the status of their employees’ licences within seconds. Traditionally we’ve had to rely on the DVLA ‘batch’ processing model where we send a volume of licence checking data via a secure channel to the DVLA – and then wait for the ‘batch’ of results to be returned. The batch route means we only have one window per evening in every weekday to process licence checks, whereas this new system is based on an ‘on-demand’ real-time service 24/7.

The new platform has opened up a whole range of new services we can offer with instant real-time checks. For...

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