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A welcome boost for household consumption, but a nagging headache for the banks

Three-quarters of those insured plan to claim, or have already done so.
Almost GBP8bn has already been paid out to PPI claimants. About GBP4bn is awaiting payment, with a probable GBP2bn yet to be claimed. These amounts exclude payments to intermediaries.

Total PPI payments to individuals are likely to top GBP14bn, with payments to claims management companies adding a possible GBP1bn to GBP2bn on plausible assumptions.

2 in 9 adults have taken out a PPI policy, according to the survey* responses.
Northern Ireland (38%) and North East (35%) contain the highest densities of insured adults; London (17%), South East (18%) and West Midlands (18%), the lowest.

27% of those working full-time took out PPI policies; 24% of those...

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