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MunchMap Food Sharing App on iOS

Taking photographs of your dishes in restaurants, before devouring the food, has become increasingly popular. So, the new food sharing app from MunchMap Ltd. (launched on 27th August 2015) is a perfect solution to save and share your food journeys and experiences with the people you choose.

MunchMap, which is free to download and currently available on iOS, provides you with the tools you need to record all of your meals and keep them accessible forever. MunchMap also ensures that you can discover what your friends and family are eating across the globe.

MunchMap’s range of settings enables you to customise your views, yet maintain privacy as you wish. You’ll never be lost for something delicious to eat in your local area, simply check your friends or families feed and see either by images of the food, or by location on the map - everything is available with easy access including...

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