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A modern adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey to be made in Ancient Greek and Latin and subtitled through crowd sourcing into more than forty languages will be distributed free to every school and University in the world.

From Ithaca With Love The Odyssey a feature film of Homer’s The Odyssey produced by UK based European Drama Network is launching its fundraising campaign in Sardinia to raise £450,000 in sponsorship, by getting 450 individuals to donate a £1000 each.

Producer Simon M Woods says of the UK, Italian and Greek co-production. ‘This is a film of the future not the past. We are using an innovative funding and distribution model based upon philanthropy to bring our common European heritage to the world and making a movie that will be foreign in every language. It may be the case that Latin will be only common language on the film set between the international cast and crew.‘

Director Malachi Bogdanov says of film. ‘The story of...

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