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The reaction comes following a report in the Guardian detailing a couple who last year found it extremely difficult to find caterers that would provide a completely meat-free menu for their wedding, many stating they could not cater for ‘special diets’ with their food options.

Based in Edinburgh, journalist Hilary Wardle and her partner didn’t foresee that there would be any issues trying to find a catering company or venue that would accommodate their vegetarian and vegan diets. They had never considered having meat at their wedding, and the reactions – often flat-out refusals – from companies that they approached left them disheartened as they looked to get the final details for the ceremony set in stone.

Wardle writes that “either they had an extremely low opinion of their ability to make vegetables taste nice or they thought we were monsters for depriving our guests of a bit of dry salmon or some overcooked chicken. I contacted a rugby club to ask...

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