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Driving after Dark
End of British Summertime(1) Spells Danger for Millions of Motorists

A new survey(2) commissioned by the Eyecare Trust and not for profit insurer Westfield Health reveals more than half of Britain’s 34 million motorists struggle to see when driving after dark, whilst many more avoid driving at night altogether.

A quarter of motorists (25%) admitted they had trouble focusing at night whilst 43 per cent said that things looked blurred when driving after dark and almost three quarters (73%) of motorists said that glare from oncoming headlights caused visual discomfort.

So it’s little wonder that more road accidents occur at night than during the day. The adjustment to the nights suddenly beginning to draw in also seems to cause problems for drivers. A separate three-year study conducted by Zurich Connect(3) found that accidents increased by 11 per cent in the fortnight directly after the clocks go back compared to...

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