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The Vis Vires road bike from Factor

Factor has revealed this image confirming the name of their all new model; the ‘Vis Vires’. This is the first teaser shot in the lead-up to the launch of the new bike next year.

The name ‘Vis Vires’ is inspired by the Latin word ‘vis’ meaning ‘force’ and ‘power’.

“We feel the Vis Vires captures the essence of everything we’re doing at Factor,” says John Bailey, managing director, “Most obviously, since the top level bike will come with our own proprietary force measurement cranks; force and power fit perfectly. We also feel like our unique approach to design and integration will inspire the cycling industry.”

Factor will hold a private launch event in Spring 2013. “The initial plan was to launch the Vis Vires at an industry show, but we didn’t want to rush (or delay) the launch to meet show dates,” says James Shingleton, business development director, “The Vis Vires will be ready in the Spring next year, so that’s when we’ll launch it!”...

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