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FIM Services Limited, the specialist sustainable forestry and renewable energy investment managers (established in 1979), are expanding FIM Solar Distribution LLP (the Fund), which is now open for immediate subscription (subject to a minimum investment of GBP50,000).

The Fund is a highly tax efficient vehicle, providing:

- 100% relief from inheritance tax (after two years of ownership).
-Tax free distributions in the early years.
-Target IRR of 7.0%.
-Target average annual distributions of 7.5% in years 1-10.

The Fund will acquire large scale ground mounted solar parks in the UK. It is an established trading vehicle, which already owns a £4.4 million solar park. Solar is a proven renewable energy technology with stable and predictable output, providing returns with low volatility and minimal correlation to mainstream investments. Solar provides strong protection from inflation, with circa 55% of projected revenue...

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