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Dr Gabriela Mercik

Dr Gabriela Mercik, a leading Harley Street cosmetic doctor has condemned the so-called lunch hour facelift as misleading, ignoring the trauma and recovery time the procedure involves.

Dr Mercik says: ‘The message that you can have a facelift treatment and return to work without bruising or needing recovery time is potentially dangerous. Most women will suffer bruising which will take at least 3 days to reduce and need to take time off work. Women should know the truth and be prepared for the trauma and shock to the body. Returning to work or resuming normal activities too soon heightens the risk of infection.’

Dr Mercik is a pioneer of the ‘thread’ or ‘lace’ facelift and the main teaching doctor for this procedure in the UK,

‘The potential to improve our appearance without the need for invasive surgery is exciting, but if a procedure creates a dramatic change, it also creates trauma to the tissues, discomfort and a period of recovery....

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