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London’s best kept secret, The Invisible Boob Job, is offering women more natural looking breast augmentation with tiny scars.

Breast augmentation has long topped the polls of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, however, in the past many women have been put off by the thought of unnatural looking results and obvious scars.

A recent survey carried out by The Plastic Surgery Group found that 63% of women considering a boob job stated their biggest fear about the procedure was the scarring.

The leading cosmetic surgeons behind The Plastic Surgery Group, Mr Dan Marsh and Mr Mo Akhavani, have made it their mission to travel the world in search of the latest and most innovative techniques in aesthetic surgery and bring them back to the UK.

Their aim is to minimise both surgery time and down time for their patients while achieving results that are natural. One of the most exciting new additions to their armamentarium...

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