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In an age of surveillance, how should we balance citizens' right to privacy and anonymity with the need to track terrorists, paedophiles and criminals online? Do we own the personal data on our smartphones and hand-held devices? How can government and law enforcement use digital services to cut costs whilst protecting civil liberties and keeping us safe?

You are invited to send a reporter and photographer to this debate on Wednesday 10th December 1.30pm-2.30pm in Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Westminster London SW1. If you wish to send a camera crew please note that you must obtain a permit to film. Everyone attending should bring photo-ID and allow enough time to clear security at the St Stephen's Entrance of the Palace of Westminster.

On the panel:
Dr Julian Huppert MP, (Cambridge, Liberal Democrat). Dr Huppert is the Liberal Democrats Home Affairs spokesman and is one of only a handful of MPs to hold a science-based PhD.


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