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GAD Tuning

The Renaultsport Clio 220 Trophy has been given a performance upgrade thanks to some tweaks within the engine remapping. A spokesperson from GAD Tuning responds to the report.

Engine remapping has helped to give the new Renaultsport Clio 220 Trophy a substantial gain in torque, with up to 206lb ft available in fourth and fifth gears between 2500 and 4000rpm. That compares favourably with the 177lb ft from 1750 to 5600rpm in the regular 200 Clio, which will give drivers the performance they want to see on the road.

Adding to the vehicle’s sense of urgency is the throttle map, which has been tweaked to respond more sharply earlier in its travel. When it is fitted with the optional Renaultsport Monitor on-board telemetry system, the Trophy retains the 200 Turbo’s driver-selectable throttle maps, offering a wide range of settings for different driving styles.

Elsewhere the gearbox ECU has also been enhanced, with gearshifts being up to 40 per...

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