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Gamlen Tableting D series instrument

Gamlen Tableting will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 2016 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition (AAPS), 13th-17th November, at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver (Booth Number 868).

Gamlen Tableting will be demonstrating Gamlen’s new manufacturability protocol which utilises data captured by the Gamlen D Series Powder Compaction Analyzer to determine whether a powder will make a good tablet. This straightforward assessment of powder properties requires just 15-25 tablets that are compressed under tightly controlled conditions using the Gamlen D Series instrument.

In addition, Gamlen Tableting will be presenting seven posters at AAPS 2016 on a range of topics including: applications of the manufacturability protocol, the relationship between material and tablet properties, the effect of dwell time on tablet compressibility and the measurement of elastic recovery during and after tablet compression.

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