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The “dinner party” will soon be consigned to the history books, according to new research.

A new study into the nation’s entertaining habits has revealed white napkins, starch tablecloths, bread rolls and prawn cocktails in the style of The Good Life’s Margo and Jerry Leadbetter are simply a thing of the past.

According to a survey from Anglian Home Improvements, 84 percent of modern Brits think informal or causal kitchen suppers have replaced the stuffy dinner party of old.

The research also revealed a guide to modern day entertaining, for both guests and hosts alike – including never serving a chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham, always serving olives from the local deli rather than a jar and making sure what you serve is seasonal.

Other rules of modern entertaining are NEVER serving anything on a cocktail stick, always having enough mixers and ice and never talking TV, jobs or...

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