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The majority of Brits (60 percent) wish to be remembered as “trustworthy” after they die, according to new research.

A nationwide poll revealed Brits place trustworthiness as the MOST important characteristic to be remembered by, more so than kindness (58 percent), being a good parent (45 percent) – and even intelligence (42 percent).

Researchers from Avalon Funeral Plans asked 2,000 Britons how they would like to be remembered - and what they envisage their funeral to be like, with a vain one in ten admitting they wish to be remembered as good-looking, while six percent would want to be thought of as sophisticated.

When it comes to the finer details of our funeral, it seems many of us have thought about everything, with 40 percent already knowing EXACTLY what music they want played at their send off.

While 61 percent want their funeral to be a celebration with lots of laughter, a more...

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