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The average British motorist will clock up a staggering 556,764 miles, fork out £168,880, have 1,935 rows - and 2,709 episodes of road rage in their lifetime, according to new research.

Researchers studied UK motorists to reveal an average lifetime of driving, with the typical driver spending nearly seventy thousand pounds on fuel over the course of their lives.

They will also wrack up a bill of forty grand on MOTs, servicing and repairs – and will splash out an incredible £9,404 on parking.

The poll by car hire company found on average, drivers will spend SEVEN hours a week in their vehicles and will rack up 166 miles on average - 556,764 in a lifetime – the equivalent to 22 times around the earth.

The study also showed drivers will honk their car horn 2,399 times, will endure 1,470 games of eye spy, give 7,740 kisses goodbye and will visit the drive thru 2,012...

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