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The average Briton will jet off on their holiday this year, knowing only EIGHT words of the country’s language, according to a new study.

Researchers took a look into how “au fait” we are with other languages and revealed the majority of us will head off this year on our summer holidays, being able to say a handful of things in the native dialect, including “yes”, “no”, “please may I have a beer” and “I have an upset stomach”.

The survey by Holiday Autos revealed nearly two thirds of Britons claim to be embarrassed that we make such little effort to learn foreign languages.

However a further 27 percent admit to making no effort to learn a language ahead of their holiday – with the fact ‘everyone speaks English’ emerging as the main excuse.

The study found French to be the language Brits are most familiar with, with the average UK adult being able to rattle off up to 15 words – but...

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