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Global Canopy Programme

Press Release, 27 September 2013, Oxford, UK: The Global Canopy Programme (GCP) welcomes the recent findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Working Group 1 with respect to its Fifth Assessment Report on the physical science basis (AR5). GCP wholly supports the findings of AR5 and notes with increasing concern that tropical deforestation continues to play a critical role with respect to climate change.

IPCC AR5 findings with respect to tropical deforestation and land use change:

Net carbon emissions from land-use change during the past decade (mainly from deforestation) are estimated at 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2e annually - around 10% of all human emissions. Carbon emissions derived from land use change continue to be a major contributor to global warming only superseded by the burning of fossil fuels.

Tropical deforestation carbon emissions form the majority of land use change emissions (according to the Pan...

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