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Forget celebrity TV chefs, bloggers and social media outlets are providing inspiration for the nation of cooks. Photographing food has become a hobby of the general public and this new form of communication has affected the way the food industry operates.

British cuisine has often been defined by tea, beer, crumpets and the classic roast dinner. However, nowadays many people are experimenting with their food, seeking tasty and unique ingredients to jazz up their meals, and are beginning to share creations on social media outlets.

Through the increase of social media outlets, people want to share their own handiworks. In a study on 2,000 respondents conducted by Applewood® Cheese, respondents answered that the rise of social media made an impact on their cooking habits. Over half of Brits (51.4%) admitted that social media plays a role in deciding what to cook. A quarter of the UK population (25.2%) claims that it is influenced by recipes posted...

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