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Christina, with no hair (before)

Bournemouth based Christina has a brave story to tell!

Christina grew up in Bournemouth a happy, confident young girl. However, at the age of 17 whilst having her hair cut she noticed a small bald spot the size of a penny at the back of her head. Though initially concerned, Christina decided this was nothing to worry about and as such shrugged it off. Yet as the weeks passed the bald spot started to get bigger and the condition of Christina’s hair deteriorated, particularly down the right side of her head. Christina would wake up in the mornings to find large clumps of hair laying on her pillow and although she did what she could to fight and cover up the balding, there came a point where she could no longer do anything.

This lead Christina to visit her local Hospital where she was diagnosed with Alopecia. After five blood tests doctors were unable to attribute the cause and believed it must have been due to stress. Christina was absolutely distraught,...

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