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HLTV: Where next for house prices?

Property experts fiercely debate the outlook for house prices and the prospects for first time buyers and buy-to-let investors.

After a huge period of growth until 2007, house prices continue to fall in many areas outside London. The big question now is where next for house prices?

Property is the debate on Hargreaves Lansdown's latest episode of HLTV featuring:

Lucian Cook - Head of Residential Research, Savills Estate Agents
"The market will divide into leaders and laggers. In London and the South East for example, you could expect total price growth of 20%, whereas if you are in the north of the country it might be somewhere between 5% or 6% over the next five years."

Henry Pryor - independent property expert
"People are crying out for accommodation, not just in London and the south east, and that is something that has to be dealt...

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