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Everyone wants to enjoy a great British summer with good British food,however it’s often hard to tell whether food is actually from Britain. For 75% of Brits, knowing where their food comes from has never been so important when browsing the shelves for the weekly shopping to make their favourite British summer meal.

Country Life, Britain’s only butter brand, discovered that 39% of Anchor butter consumers mistakenly believe that Anchor is actually British, rather than from New Zealand. And in addition, 65% would be disappointed if they found out that a brand they believed to be British was actually from abroad. So this summer when you’re getting ready for all those barbeques and picnics, make sure the food you’re buying is from Britain.
And to discover just how good British food does taste, try out this delicious recipe from Country Life Butter for Chicken and Spring Vegetable parcels. Made with local, home grown, British ingredients, you can’t go wrong...

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