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Brussels, Belgium – INDICE+ S.A. announces the immediate availability of Mobile Golf Tempo v1.5, its golfing app for Android and now also for iOS.

The updated app is an effective and easy way for the tempo of the pros to take root in the swing of any golfer, and by doing so, significantly enhance consistency and gain more distance off the tee, potentially making the need for bunkers obsolete.

By simply reacting to audial or vibrational signals delivered through their mobile device, the golfer can begin the backswing, start the downswing, and make impact with the golf ball at precisely the correct tempo and timing.

Generating audio files in WAV format on the fly, this update offers greater precision compared to the previous version. It also provides some innovative functionalities such as exporting audio sequences corresponding to the tempo of the golfer and can be used on a tiny music player for example.
Handling is easy, just...

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