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Inbay, an international provider of high-quality NOC and technical Service Desk support to managed service providers (MSPs) has been appointed a Certified Provider for IT Glue’s newly released GlueConnect feature.

Described as “game changing”, GlueConnect allows businesses to grant other IT Glue accounts or IT Glue Certified Providers direct access to their IT Glue data securely and in a controlled way.

On the appointment of Inbay, Phill Claxton, COO IT Glue, comments:
"We are delighted to have Inbay as a Certified Provider for GlueConnect. This feature will allow great providers like Inbay to be easily invited and given access to the information in a partner’s IT Glue. By way of inviting them, they can act and be as productive as the partner’s in-house team, allowing the partner to grow faster and increase profitability."

Kristian Wright, Managing Director Inbay, is clear as to the additional benefits GlueConnect brings:

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