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Dads Are Not Nappy Happy…

One of the UK’s leading Dad support networks has launched a campaign for more dad-friendly baby changing facilities across the UK.

The campaign, #dadsforchange launched by The Dad Network and supported by Tommee Tippee® Sangenic® Tec aims to highlight the best and worst baby changing facilities in the UK for Dads and their babies.

The idea led by The Dad Network founder Al Ferguson, originated from the frequency of complaints Al received from Dads saying there was a real lack of Baby changing facilities for Dads in restaurants, cafes and shops.

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher who last year campaigned for the same thing in the US, and the recent support US based Scotty Schrier received, Al, along with his son Ted, went on a secret undercover mission to find out whether they could find Dads’ baby changing facilities in their home town, and the results were surprising to say the least. Al and...

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