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Kamorii Branding

12th September 2017 - London|Kamorii Limited has recently launched its new website; the web's first comprehensive guide to sex, intimacy and sexual technique. Kamorii offers the sexually adventurous online consumer a high-quality array of sexual expertise at the touch of a smartphone.

Breaking out from the norms of sex guidebooks and an antidote to the porn led sex education of younger generations; Kamorii delivers a fresh approach to adult sex education for all ages. The internet now being at the forefront of life today, it was time for a comprehensive sex and intimacy guide to join the web. Kamorii can be used by couples to spice up their love lives, singles to learn new techniques and improve their solo play, and young people to enjoy a healthy introduction to the world of sex.

Over 540 sex positions have been carefully curated and categorised. More than 100 unique sex position...

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