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Two residents from Cambridgeshire in England are to get married in Morrisons on March 21 and have started a social media campaign in an attempt to get some famous faces at the event. Kent and London Wedding Photographer comment on the unique arrangements.

This supermarket holds special memories for Rebecca Wooller and Blake Green because it was the only place she was able to go with her boyfriend when ill during the early stages of their relationship. The couple are delighted and surprised by the positive reaction to their news of getting married in the supermarket café on Saturday March 21 with Rebecca excited at the unconventional setting.

She said: "We are overwhelmed and can't believe it – we honestly didn't expect to get this much attention! Morrisons have been amazing – they're even planning on putting down a red carpet for me and want to line up customers along the sides of it so I'll feel like a princess.

“We're hoping to get Ant...

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