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• Why talent doesn’t necessarily get votes on Strictly Come Dancing
• Talent show voters let aesthetics influence their decision
• Prediction for 2017 Finalists

A smile is often described as the greatest influencer and it is no secret that a bright white smile is TV’s winning formula.

With Strictly captivating Britain once again, White Glo look at what influences voters to pick their winner.
While voters may be under the impression that their choice is based on who has the fanciest footwork, the white teeth and glowing tan play a strong part.

According to psychologist John Antonakis, a contestants’ appearance heavily influences voters. The human mind tends to simplify the decision-making process by relying on quick and easy strategies. Voters take mental shortcuts to arrive at their final decisions.

When the nations favourite finalists flash their smiles to an audience of 10 million, the response...

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