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Lambert Welch Kitchens

European legislation has outlawed energy wasting ovens and cooking hobs throughout all EU member states according to an article published on website Global Post. Lambert Welch Kitchens have commented on the changes.

Household appliances will have to be more efficient in future with new regulations starting from February 20 in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along with fossil fuel imports. The European Commission predicted that, on average, consumers would get an annual saving of €50 for their energy bills as a result of more efficient equipment.

Stamatis Sivitos, campaigner for the lobby group Coolproducts Campaign, supported the ruling: "These rules mean that design standards will go up, and low quality imports that cannot stand the heat will have to leave the kitchen."

Bosch Siemens Haushaltsgeraete participated in consultations discussing the new rules and are satisfied with changes to ovens and hobs. It is thought that...

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