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Ibiza looks set to continue to grow in popularity as a holiday destination, according to the findings of a recent survey conducted by Ibiza holiday guide website Love Ibiza (

In a survey of 232 clubbers who had visited Ibiza in 2009 for holidays and working holidays, 45% were visiting Ibiza for the first time and 96% of respondents said that they would be returning to Ibiza for future holidays. 78% intend to return to Ibiza for their summer holidays in 2010.

The Ibiza clubbing scene has evolved in recent years from being focused solely on house music to being more inclusive of other genres, this has led to an increase in the popularity of Ibiza outside its traditional core audience. The popularity of Ibiza as a holiday resort among young people does not appear to be negatively impacted by the economic downturn or the increasing price of holidaying in Europe.

A number of other key finding from the survey, titled the 'Ibiza...

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