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Chris Packham with dog, Scratchy

- Research reveals over two thirds of dogs in Britain suffer from health problems
- Plus over 60% of owners aren’t aware poor nutrition is the leading cause

28th April 2017: Natures Menu, the UK’s number one for raw pet food and Europe’s leading expert in raw, is calling for dog owners across the UK to look closely at what they’re feeding their dogs after research revealed 60% of British dogs suffer from health problems.

Research released today* has revealed two thirds of our dogs suffer from some sort of health issue such as allergies, dental or stomach problems. Bad breath is the most common problem (26%) and over 20% admit their dog is overweight. Despite this, over 60% of owners aren’t aware that poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of health issues such as these, which can be vastly improved by changing to a raw diet.

Of the owners surveyed, the research has also revealed a lack of understanding of what really goes...

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