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New Intraspect C-mail Services - Empowering the Mobile Worker

BRISBANE, Calif. - May 29th, 2002 - Intraspect Software, Inc., the leading provider of inter-enterprise solutions for collaborative business processes, today announced C-mail (Collaborative -mail) as part of its latest Intraspect 5.5 product release. Intraspect’s C-mail capability allows users to interact with their corporate intranet and collaborative workspace through email, the most common communication method in business today. Using the latest platforms such as RIM Blackberry, Compaq iPaq, Handspring Treo, and Sony Clie, remote workers can initiate and stay connected to critical business processes, gain direct access to corporate IP, and discover and route corporate knowledge assets to customers and partners directly from wireless devices. Business users can:

· Initiate searches and view results from a remote device

· Forward documents, discussions, web...

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