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LONDON, July 11th, 2013 — Bloggers rejoice! London based startup 50pixels today launched Mobiloud, a product dedicated to transforming any WordPress site into a full-featured, visible and cost-effective mobile app.

Mobiloud's end product is a true native iOS app (Android support is coming in August), so it comes with powerful user experience benefits web apps can't offer, like push notifications, built-in content sharing, offline reading and support for mobile-specific ad networks. In short, bloggers get an app that looks and feels like it was custom built for a small monthly fee.

"Mobiloud helps our customers build a very specific kind of app," said Pietro Saccomani, Managing Director of 50pixels. "We build content applications that allow our customers to get closer to their readers". Everything is done on the Web, no coding ninja skills required. It takes less than 10 minutes...

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