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Montrose Glass

The reaction follows reports in Blackpool of essential repairs needing to be carried out on the windows and stonework of the town hall. A Montrose Glass spokesperson provides a statement.

Blackpool Town Hall requires urgent repairs to its windows and stonework, with the bill coming to a total of £42,000. Scaffolding has been erected around part of the historic building in Talbot Square so that repairs can be made, which includes work on a stained glass window outside the Mayor’s Parlour.

Town hall chiefs say there is no choice but to have the work carried out as the building is Grade II listed. “Maintenance works are being carried out on the windows and stone work of the town hall,” claimed Blackpool Council’s director of resources, Steve Thompson. “It has been around 30 years since this part of the town hall was attended to and as it is a Grade II listed building, we have a legal obligation to make sure that is it kept in a good state of repair, which...

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